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My, How Time Flies

It can't have been over a year since I posted to my SnR Blog...I'm redoing my website, and needed to link my blog.  I'm happy to report that Ms. Whoopi is still with me, going strong!  Well, strong for a 15 year old dog!  She's developed some strange habits, carpet licking, which she prefers at say 3am.  It's truly like living with a senior relative.  Every morning, starting at about 5:30am, she starts hitting the bed with her paw and barking (a loose term, she's very hoarse) to get me out of bed, go for her walk, so we can start our day.  Business is booming, I like to tell people I haven't had a day off in almost two months (true story), but I wouldn't have it any other way.  It's a very nice problem to have.  I still have my geriatric dog, my clients and business is wonderful, and my son graduates from college in about 4 months.  High hopes for 2018!  Cheers, Sandy