June 2018 Newsletter

We've recently completed a redesign of the SnR Pet Care website,  Please visit us when you get a chance and let us know what you think.  You are welcome to leave comments on our blog,
Exciting changes are coming over the next few months.  Watch for new services, staff announcements and a new online contact, reservation and payment system, which will integrate with smartphones.
Due to the rapid growth of Maple Valley and our surrounding communities, we are receiving more requests for pet care than usual, and are attempting to accommodate as many of you as we can.  Please give as much notice as possible when you are making those summer and fall travel plans.
Enjoy your summer!

Whoopi will not eat her vegetables, lol


My, How Time Flies

It can't have been over a year since I posted to my SnR Blog...I'm redoing my website, and needed to link my blog.  I'm happy to report that Ms. Whoopi is still with me, going strong!  Well, strong for a 15 year old dog!  She's developed some strange habits, carpet licking, which she prefers at say 3am.  It's truly like living with a senior relative.  Every morning, starting at about 5:30am, she starts hitting the bed with her paw and barking (a loose term, she's very hoarse) to get me out of bed, go for her walk, so we can start our day.  Business is booming, I like to tell people I haven't had a day off in almost two months (true story), but I wouldn't have it any other way.  It's a very nice problem to have.  I still have my geriatric dog, my clients and business is wonderful, and my son graduates from college in about 4 months.  High hopes for 2018!  Cheers, Sandy

Happy Holidays 2016

I wanted to take a moment and thank all of my wonderful clients and friends for a great 2016.  I wanted to thank Ms. Whoopi as well.

Despite the odds of being a larger dog and a rescue, Ms. Whoopi continues to wake up daily (at 6am no less) and urge me out for her morning walk.  We adopted her in January of 2005, and were told she was two years old.  If that is accurate, she will be 14 in a few months.  She has been a reassuring presence in my life for many years, very quirky and loving.  I cannot contemplate the morning she doesn't wake me at 6am to walk, and am grateful at this point for every day we have together.

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Here's to 2017!!! :)


Let us know you are home!!!

Did you know that it's a really good idea to check in with your pet sitter when you return home?  It lets us know you have arrived home safely and your pets are back under your care.

Jack and Stella's folks thought of a very cute and creative way to let us know they were home.

Belated Happy Birthday wishes to these two sweethearts, who turned 10 this past week.

Maple Valley Hometown Holidays

This fun event has been moved from Lake Wilderness Park, and will be held in 'downtown' Maple Valley this year. Tree lighting ceremony, caroling, children's activities and, of course, SANTA! SnR is sponsoring a candy cane booth this year.  

Check out our logo on the City's website!!

Maple Valley Parks & Recs Department